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Fluffy Spinach and Tomato Omelette

September 22, 2014

Hello my turtledoves! It’s been a long, lonely couple years, hasn’t it? Fear not; I’ve fallen on hard times again. Rather, I’ve gone back to school and have a fixed income and no roomie who is a cooking whiz to fall back on, so I’m toughing it out by myself. I’ll natter on about my own life after the recipe, though, which is really what you came for:

Fluffy Spinach and Tomato Omelette

Serves 4 (or two, if you’re super hungry and can’t eat toast); takes about 20 minutes

Omelette ingredients

Let’s get healthy!

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Gluten-free Blueberry & Strawberry Oatmeal Muffins

April 19, 2013

I am stressed out, so I made muffins. Drew inspiration from this post over here.


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Gluten-free Coconut “Oatmeal”

March 10, 2013

So my Mom’s on this health kick lately, which is how I discovered this – and I will tell you all about that after the recipe.* This makes a small portion of “oatmeal”, is completely gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. It also takes under five minutes to prepare and is super delicious and very filling.

Pretend there's a piddly bit of water, too.

Pretend there’s a piddly bit of water, too.


1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tbsp plain peanut butter (or almond butter)
1/3 tsp vanilla flavouring
6 tbsp warm water
A couple of shakes of cinnamon
2 tsp honey

Combine ingredients in a saucepan; stir over low heat on the stovetop until it’s all mixed through. You can add a little less water if you want it to be thicker, or a bit more honey if you’d like it sweeter, but it’s quite sweet already, due to the peanut butter and cinnamon. The coconut is what really lends it texture, though, and even though I shy away from an overabundance of coconut flavouring (I’m looking at YOU, every coconut body butter ever), I found this tasty and not overbearing at all!


Yum. I eat this with raisins in, sometimes.

Okay, so this is apparently part of something called the “Paleo” diet, about which I had heard rumours and murmurings in my travels throughout ye olde internet blogdoms, but dismissed as another one of those Well-T0-Do-Westerner diets. You know, the ones that demand fresh everything all the time, when the reality is that fresh produce in the winter can be quite expensive, not to mention not very environmentally responsible, but you’re only supposed to be thinking about how SKINNY and HEALTHY you will be after chugging three gallons of squished spinach and kale juice every Tuesday through Saturday or whatever. I digress.

In any case, I was over at home last week, and my Mom asked me to make this in the morning, as it’s something she’s been eating because it is healthy and gluten-free. Grudgingly I obliged… for about a minute, before I realized how very easy it was and that I would also be eating it. My grudginess vanished thereafter. I was a bit miffed at my portion size (which looked super tiny), but not only was it seriously tasty, it kept me going for about three hours before I needed to snack again.

I highly recommend this. It has a lot of fibre and protein, ostensibly, though I’m just making that up off the top of my head because I’m pretty sure coconut and peanut butter are high in those values, so you may want to take that with a grain of salt, but you shouldn’t need any more justification to eat it because it’s tasty, quick, and cheap!


*I’ve noticed a lot of blogs I research for recipes do this. I’m sorry, but I’m a very practical person, and having to scroll through seven paragraphs of a blogger nattering on about their day or their kids or their challenges at work is rather irksome when I’m looking for a description of the recipe, the ingredients, and how the blogger liked this and thought it good enough to post about. Keep the OT stuff down at the bottom, says I, even though I’m totally guilty of doing this in the past. And for that, I apologize. Seriously, eat this oatmeal thing though.

Cocoa and Cinnamon Mochi

October 27, 2012

Hello again, all! I wrote this like two weeks ago and I’m only now getting around to posting it because October has been a beast: our treat tonight is mochi, something I developed an addiction to in Japan, but the Canadian grocery store offering tastes like the back end of a horse so I’ve decided to make my own, not unlike a desperate meth addict. Pretend I didn’t type that last clause.

Youtube is a constant source of wonder and amazement to me, and this afternoon it delivered unto me a recipe for mochi, complete with a link to the written recipe instructions at Miki’s Pantry. Surprise: they are super easy to make! But I have actually never gone out and bought matcha before, and though I saw it everywhere in stores in Japan and could get it easily, in Canada it’s a different story, and this is a blog about food and allergies and being a very lazy person, so clearly I substituted. The results were just as delicious, if not as authentic.

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One-person Pork Chop with Apples and Onions

October 23, 2012

Greetings, earthlings. The weather is cold again; let’s continue. So this is a Martha Stewart recipe I adapted, and you may insert the obligatory prison joke here, but lady knows what she’s doing (though it kept making the fire alarm go off so maybe not so much? Whatevs.) This was originally for 6 chops with the bone in, and I don’t think I did a bad job adapting, if I say so myself.

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Gluten-free noodle casserole

June 3, 2012

And this time, it’s healthy. Noodles, ground beef, yu choy (it’s quite like spinach), cheese, and egg combine to make this both hearty and good-for-you.

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Gluten-free beef patties

May 21, 2012

Ground meat is excellent for making all sorts of delightfully shaped meaty foods; this recipe is quick, easy, and you really don’t even need a bun! Perfect!

Nick Fury hamburger is sick of all these mothertruckin’ beans on this mothertruckin’ plate.

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