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Dutch Stampot, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Mash the Veggies

October 15, 2014

Haha, kidding, I didn’t learn anything – I’ve known how to make this for years. It’s an easy, healthy go-to meal that doesn’t take long to prepare and will leave you filled up and with lots of leftovers.

I would say this yields at least four servings, maybe more depending on how much of each ingredient you add. Prep time is about 5 minutes (depending on how good you are at peeling). Cook time is about 15 minutes.

stampot and chicken

Cooked chicken as a side is optional


A note, here: adjust quantities up or down to your liking. I’ll give you my ratios as I used them in this recipe, but really, you can do whatever and it will turn out fine, I promise.

  • 6 small yellow flesh potatoes
  • one large sweet potato
  • one cup of baby carrots, chopped (or one big carrot, chopped)
  • two cups of spinach, fresh or frozen
  • one onion, chopped
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • pepper and salt to taste

stampot ingredients 2

Shiny doom of vegetables.

Wash, peel, and quarter (or slice) the potatoes & sweet potato, chop up the carrots and onion, and stick it all into a large pan. Cover with water, put the lid on, and then boil the snarf out of it, or until you can pierce the larger potato chunks with a fork. Add the spinach, let it boil for about a minute, then drain the works.

Dump the drained veggies back in the pan, and add the butter. You may decide to add more, and I will not judge you. We are all beautiful and unique human beings with habits and reasons of our own. Mash them all together; show no mercy; give no quarter. They have been bad vegetables and they must be punished, yea, unto death.

Add salt and pepper (and maybe some other spices if you like; I added a smidge of rosemary), then serve.

This is a wonderful dish because it sticks to your ribs, and can be paired with any sort of meat, although it wouldn’t be the worst if you use Dutch/German sausage. Also, highly refrigerable (which isn’t a word, but you get it anyway), and doesn’t taste too bad cold, if you’re stranded without a microwave.


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