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Gluten-free beef patties

May 21, 2012

Ground meat is excellent for making all sorts of delightfully shaped meaty foods; this recipe is quick, easy, and you really don’t even need a bun! Perfect!

Nick Fury hamburger is sick of all these mothertruckin’ beans on this mothertruckin’ plate.

Ingredients (makes 3 large patties)

-2 cups ground beef
-3 tbsp brown rice flour
-salt, pepper, dill, basil to taste
-2 eggs

Throw all of these ingredients together in a bowl, and then mash them together until thoroughly blended. If your mix is a bit on the wet side, add more rice flour

Heat oil in a skillet to medium-low, make a patty, and pop it in the pan; turn over once brown on one side, and make sure that it’s thoroughly cooked before you eat it. I recommend eating it with ketchup, beans, and potatoes.

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