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Omuraisu for the lazy gaijin

April 25, 2012

Also, it's colourful. That means it's healthy, right?

Things are busy these days, and who has enough time to sit around and make a sauce for that delicious egg-on-rice meal-for-one?

Not this girl.

This meal has literally taken me five minutes to make, and is so good it might as well be fast food from a chain restaurant.


-Rice (I use sticky rice)
-Grated cheddar cheese
-1 egg

Make your rice (or pop it in the micro to warm up, which is what I do). While that’s going on, heat up a small frying pan to low heat (with oil or butter in it). You want it hot enough that water hisses on contact, but only just.

Scramble up your egg in a bowl, and add a dash of salt and about a tablespoon of water*

*I tend to turn the tap on and off in one smooth motion and whatever comes out ends up in the bowl.

Pour your egg into the frying pan and wait for about fifteen seconds, then start gently scraping the bottom of the pan with your spatula – the cooked egg should end up where it was not to begin with, and the uncooked egg will flow into the trail left by it and cook. Keep doing this for a bit – be careful that you don’t pile all the cooked egg up in the middle or you’ll have a problem – and stop just before you run out of uncooked egg, so that the pan is still all covered by egg. Turn the heat down to minimum, and turn your attention to your poor neglected rice.

It should look a little like this - cover it with a pot lid if you like it a bit more cooked on top!

Take the rice out of the micro (or whatever) and put it in a bowl. Then, squirt a generous amount of ketchup on it, grate a judicious amount of cheddar cheese over it, and if you’re a saltaholic, you can add a bit more salt I guess. I am not responsible for the state of your arteries, however.

Grab the pan of egg, and slide your spatula underneath the – for lack of a better word – omelette, and manoevre it over your rice. I always fail at this part, though it always tastes pretty excellent anyways, so don’t sweat it if you can’t make it perfect.

The finished product... beneath that yolky covering lies a world of wonder. For your mouth.

Et voila! Omuraisu: and it only took you like maybe ten minutes! Go eat it and reminisce about mac + cheese or cheeseburgers, and then get self-satisfied because what you made totally tastes better and is probably a lot healthier.

‘Til next time!

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