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Asparagus times!

April 15, 2012

So I’m making the same old chahan I usually do for lunches for this week, but I decided to make a special post for all y’alls specifically about asparagus, since I rediscovered how great it is to fry it in a pan. So, in addition to fried onion, ground beef, garlic, salt, pepper, mushrooms, rice, and a lightly-scrambled egg, asparagus is going in the mix, for my requisite greens.

I feel like a lot of my yummiest standbys are fried in a pan. Deal.

First, I wash the asparagus because it nasty. Actually, this bunch wasn’t all that dirty but I have this horrible paranoia that has to do with pesticides and I am too poor to afford organic stuff at this time of year. Then, I break off the bottoms, by just bending them. I used to call asparagus “trees” when I was a kid, and kid-me was super smart, because the bottoms of asparagus are pretty woody, so they snap right off, leaving you with the tender part.

Then, I heat some oil in a pan over medium heat, and cut the asparagus into pieces I think are a logical size for consumption. Other places tell you 2-3 cm or whatever but I am not very good with measuring lengths of things when I am hungry so … use your brain. Or stomach. Common sense. Whatever applies.

Last, I sauteed the asparagus in the pan for about five-ish minutes? It’s kinda tricky to tell when they’re done because it depends entirely on how well you want them done. Me, I like them soft, but not completely jelloid. I generally bite into one so I can tell – before you do this, remember it just came from a hot pan. This warning really should not have to be iterated.

Then, add them to the rest of your concoction and enjoy!

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