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Experimental Celery Salad

April 10, 2012

Well, your mileage may vary on this one, but I actually didn’t hate it.

Looks good, right?

Story time: No Frills had a bunch of celery on for cheaps, yo because it was slightly past due. Since I can’t eat a gigantic head of celery all by myself anyway, I bought this one for cheap and composted the wilted stalks, and was still left with quite a few stalks, but also the leafy greens from on top and inside the celery bunch.

(An aside – I used to feed these to my pet budgie when I was a child. If they were good enough for Prettyboy, they are good enough for me!)

I washed them up, separated them into bite-sized leafies, and put some delicious Greek salad dressing over them, then dug in. As expected, a few leaves were a bit wilty, and some of the ones from the centre of the bunch were bitter, but otherwise it was a pretty tasty salad.

If I were any sort of chef at all I would have added cherry tomatoes, maybe some cucumber bits, a bit of grated carrot to balance out the bitterness, but let’s face it: I had none of those things and I needed to eat something green with my otherwise-staid meat and potatoes. Experiment well-done I’d say!


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