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Spring salad with chicken

April 6, 2012

Confession: I don’t really like salad. At least, not the way we eat them here in North America, lettuce with some cucumber and really uninspired tomato on top, maybe some grated carrot if you’re lucky. However, I needed to use up a bunch of perishables before I go away for Easter weekend this afternoon, and I had some chicken defrosting that needed to be used and so I ended up making a surprisingly delicious salad out of it.

One of the great ways to save money on meat is to buy it when it’s on sale, then freeze the lot of it and use it in increments. I had taken these chicken breasts out to defrost yesterday, when I hadn’t known if I was staying in Toronto tonight and might need dinner or not – since plans have developed and I’m going to be away all weekend, they now needed to be cooked tout suite, so I decided to marinate them, put some of it on top of a salad, and put the rest in the fridge for later.

The best part about this salad is its infinite customizability. I recommend sticking with putting meat and fruit into it, however; these are the two things which make salad attractive to me, instead of just a collection of stuff from the bottom of the crisper.

Marinade ingredients:

-3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
-tarragon, salt, and rosemary to taste

Marinade instructions:

Cut the chicken into strips and place in a bowl. Add balsamic vinegar and spices, and mix them around to make sure the chicken is thoroughly coated.

In an oiled frying pan on medium-low heat, fry the chicken strips until they are no longer pink inside. While you’re doing this, assemble the salad:

Salad ingredients:

-Red grapes, halved
-Onion (red is best, but I only had white, so I dealt)
-Lettuce of some sort (I used up my spinach leaves and the remains of my head of iceberg lettuce)
-Salad dressing (I had Greek feta)

Rinse and dry the lettuce/spinach, put it in a bowl. Cut a few thin slices off of the onion and add to the lettuce, then add the grapes. Top it off with the salad dressing, then add a few pieces of the chicken once it’s done.

Ta-da! Delicious salad, with bonus protein. Extremely flavourful, since the grapes are sweet, the chicken is tangy, the dressing is feta-y, and the onions are… onions. Good times. In my mouth.


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