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From-scratch gluten-free almond cookies

February 16, 2012

They are tiny, but powerful.

The other day, my friends were having our weekly Once Upon a Time night, and I was craving some snacks. My friend is a lovely person who provides us with popcorn, but there is only so much salty butter a girl can consume, and if you’re all starving students, it’s dece to share snack duties so you can all be equally broke.

I knew I wanted to make cookies, but I had no idea what to make or how to go about it. I ended up sticking to a fairly simple recipe, and it worked out quite well (even though I initially messed up the oven times and didn’t add enough butter); I think I’m genetically predisposed to love all things almond-flavoured, but my friends have also confirmed that yes, these are indeed tasty. Success!


-3 cups all-purpose gluten-free flour (Bulk Barn represent!)
-1/2 cup of butter (this is all I had – you should add one cup to make this recipe perfect, though)
-1 cup of sugar
-pinch of salt
-1 tsp xanthan gum
-1 tsp baking powder
-1 egg
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-1.5 tsp almond extract (mine is super old, so I needed two tsps)
-rice milk

Combine your dry ingredients in one bowl, and the wet except for the rice milk in the other, mixing thoroughly. Mix the dry ingredients in to the wet ones – things will be very dry, so add rice milk every once in a while to wet the mixture and get it to stick together. You don’t want to add too much; this is a process. Once it’s moist and sticking together, then you know it’s good to go.

Roll the dough into balls and squish them on to a parchment-paper covered cookie tray. Bake in the oven for twenty-five minutes or until it gets golden-brown on the top.

The cookie horde will march over your tongue and pitch camp in your tummy.

I messed up the first batch by taking them out at the fifteen-minute mark, so I had cookies that were baked on the outside and doughy on the inside. Naturally you understand why this was not a total loss. The actually-baked cookies, however, were crisp and delicious; a bit chewy, a bit crumbly, but no more so than a regular cookie. They were a bit dense due to my lack of butter – I probably should have decreased the amount of flour – but very enjoyable.

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