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January 26, 2012

Also known as what-is-this-thing-I-have-created.


Just kidding, I totally did this knowingly because Japan.

In ye olde land of the rising sun, there are lots of fast-food restaurants that will give you any number of variations on the theme of “stuff on rice in a bowl”. And it is marvellous. That is how – as I mentioned earlier – I acquired the concept of eggs and rice going together and boy, do I like it. This gets you your carbs, your protein, and even some dairy in there. Have a salad on the side, and it’s a super-balanced meal.

CONFESSION: I did not do that.

What you need is:

-a bowl of leftover rice (or you could make some I guess)
-one egg
-a handful of grated cheese
-some sort of meat (you don’t really need this; I just like it)

Heat up a skillet and fry up an egg. Put a lid over it for the last half of its cooking time so you can make it a nice, non-goopy sunny-side-up-er. In the meantime, heat up your rice (just under a minute in the micro should do it), and grate some cheese.

Put the cheese on the rice, then put the egg on the cheese, then add meat if you would like. You could probably also very easily add vegetables like spinach, zucchini, or peppers to this – I just didn’t have any on hand.

The point is to get it all over the place.

This is where I tell you – in varying adjectives – about what this tastes like. Welp, it tastes like you took some hot rice, melted some marble cheese on it and then put a fried egg into the mix. It’s a bit salty, pretty hearty, and does what it says on the box. Metaphorically. It’s delicious.

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